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What made one more liberal?


Best Of The Best
What made you more liberal?”

Actually, having studied history of human behavior extensively, and worked to overcome biases that previous well-intentioned generations tried to encourage me to hold, I recognize that (particularly now) the terms “liberal” and “conservative” are sloppily assigned in most instances.

And this is why some people think that they or others “became” conservative or liberal.

I think now, that most people are like me, in that they don’t so much change from being one or the other (or something else), as they come to realize that the people around them who are being CALLED liberal or conservative, either do or do not reflect their own values and sensibilities.

I, for example, grew up in a time and place that encouraged me to think I was a moderate to extreme liberal person, since the values described for liberals then, were in line with my own sense of things. Ideals such as treating everyone equally under the law, such as working to make sure that everyone have a say in the way the nation is guided, and so on.

But as I went through my life, I discovered that my sense of all sorts of other values, were more in line with what lots of people declared to be conservative sensibilities. Things such as holding each person responsible for their own choices and actions, and such as recognizing the necessity of relying on what is actually true now, to make decisions, rather than to make decisions based on imagining that we live in the ideal world we want.

Now. When I look around me now, I see that all sorts of things that I know to be conservative values, are being held and supported by people who are accused of being wild eyed “liberals,” and that values that I know to be liberal are being espoused by people who are said to be “conservative.”

Thus my POLITICAL ALLEGIANCES have shifted back and forth as I learned, but I personally have not changed. I have RECOGNIZED that I am a conservative person overall; and that a part of that old era conservatism, is that I DEMAND that all citizens be treated with respect, and recognized as having legitimate concerns and rights to pursue their dreams and other goals.

Example: when the Republican Party decided to start playing very obvious ingenuous games with their OWN EXPOSED PRINCIPLES, in order to try to trick various groups of Americans into voting them into power, I became entirely disgusted with their purposeful duplicity. As a conservative person, I will NOT vote someone into power over my and others lives, who is only dedicated to themselves having power, even when I might agree with some of the smaller things they say they want to do. Because I know that I cannot trust Republicans to hold true to their pretended conservative values at all.

The recent near traitorous behavior of the Republican Party (putting their own nominal dominance in Congress over the real interests of the United States and its people) has driven me to refuse to support them AS a party, in any way; but it has NOT changed me from being a conservative person, or caused me to declare that Democrats or others are therefore “brilliant.”

  • Being interested in learning about different cultures.
  • Being interested in learning different languages, as I'd like to be able to communicate with people of various nations.
  • Seeing how many, many other nations have health care systems and universities which don't leave people in massive debt.
  • Befriending people of various ethnic, cultural, and religious groups.
  • Having friends/acquaintances who are themselves or who have had familiy members that are undocumented immigrants.