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There is no place for Xenophobic and Criminal activities in South Africa - President Ramaphosa


Best Of The Best
The President on Wednesday said there is no place for xenophobia and criminality, whether it is committed by foreigners or locals in the country.


“We are going to work with local and international humanitarian organizations as well as the various diaspora forums on an initiative to tackle xenophobia and intolerance. Such a campaign must be aimed at eradicating stereotypes, encouraging cross-cultural understanding and promoting social cohesion,” he said.
The President said South Africa was built on the labour of not just South Africans, but migrants from India, from China, and from the entire Southern African region.

“We are a diverse multi-cultural society that draws on the rich experiences and capabilities of people from across the continent and across the world.
“In responding to these acts of violence and criminality, we must address both the intolerance and the frustration. As we tackle racism and xenophobia, so too must we reinvigorate our efforts to grow an economy that is inclusive and build a state that is capable and developmental,” he said.
The President said South Africans must embrace African integration and the benefits it will bring to the economy and the country’s neighbours.

“The African Continental Free Trade Area will fundamentally reshape the economies of our continent, and we need to be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that will be created,” President Ramaphosa said.