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The Queen Mzansi: Watch As Drama Unfolds at Shaka's funeral


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The Queen Mzansi: Shaka's Funeral Got A Twist

As we tuned in on Monday, things blew up after one of Shaka's (many) lovers continued to plead the case that she was his favourite. What made things worse is that the woman in question was strutting around the funeral with a fake prop in her belly, pretending to be pregnant. When she decided to confront Mmabatho, however, she quickly discovered that she had picked a fight with the wrong one because Shaka's widow hit back fiercely.

The two fought violently and had to be separated by Prince (welcome back Moshe!) and Kea, who chased the chanceful mistress away while chatsizing Mmabatho. And then guess who arrived to her rescue - Madimetja! You should have seen Kea and Prince's faces. Wait, you actually can see them below:

Shaka's burial wasn't any smoother either, as Zodwa continued to hurl insults at Mmabatho - who at this stage was sitting next to a proud Madimetja (p.s. I take back what I said about nice guys finishing last, well done Madi) but Harriet intervened and tried to encourage everybody to be civil.

Once the ceremony was done and dusted, there was to be one last sting in the tale. Onica was probably trying to forget the commotion she left behind but she found herself involved in a war of words with Patronella - who is the last person you want to be involved in a war of words with.

It got ugly, too, and Onica was left humiliated and silent.

How could one man cause so many people to fight? This funeral was messy, but we hope Shaka can finally rest in peace.