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Shirley Ballas Reverse Her Boob Job Over Health Concerns


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The Strictly Come Dancing judge Shirley Ballas has decided to let go off her 17 year old breast implant after discovering that they can affect the effectiveness of mammogram screenings.

Strictly Come Dancing judge Shirley Ballas Removes 17 Year Old Breast Implant

Speaking about her decision to go under the knife, Shirley told The Sun that it was a nurse’s warning that there was ‘no guarantee that we can ever really see behind the back of the implants’ that left her fearing for her safety.

Choosing to get the implants out as soon as possible rather than wait until Strictly wraps at Christmas, Shirley, whose mum and auntie both have cancer, revealed that she intends to be up and dancing almost immediately. ‘I’ve been to a new doctor and I’m scheduled for the operation on Tuesday, October 29,’ she said. ‘My doctor says I have recuperation of a week, but I want to do Strictly on the Saturday night.’ Go on Shirl!

Joking that ‘it’s not like I have to dance and do the cha cha cha or the samba,’ Shirley revealed that she had the support of TV bosses in her decision to undergo surgery mid-Strictly series, saying: ‘I spoke to the BBC and they have been very, very supportive.

‘They said you have to do what you feel most comfortable for your health.’ While little research is done into the long term health impacts of breast implants, Shirley believes that her implants have been causing her chronic fatigue as well.

‘There are rumours that the scar tissues cause chronic fatigue which I have suffered with even over the last year,’ she said, adding: ‘Usually I don’t get tired and I’m like an Energizer bunny. ‘But if they take out the scar tissue it would involve bigger surgery and perhaps a reconstruction. But I don’t want any implants in. I don’t want any foreign bodies in my body.’