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See Church In Abuja, Nigeria Where Pastor Charges N50k ($138) To Swim In Miracle Swimming Pool


Best Of The Best
Wonder they say will never cease to end, in Nigeria there is a church where members visit and pastor incharge will collect N50k ($138) before using a miracle swimming pool at the side of the alter.

Nigerians are really wired when it comes to religioun aN

A Twitter user has revealed that a Church in Abuja which has a miracle swimming pool charges people N50k before they can have a swim in it.

Read below.

Kelvin Odanz @MrOdanz
There is this church in Abuja with a weird flex. The Pastor built a swimming pool in the church premises and called it "pool of bethsheba" or something.

The pool has healing powers. Enter and your problems disappear. If you want to enter the pool, you have to pay 50K per swim