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Rob Survivor South Africa 2019 | Rob Bentele Biography, Profile, Wikipedia, Girlfriend, Age


Best Of The Best
Who Is The Winner Survivor South Africa 2019? Rob Bentele was crowned the winner of Survivor SA: Island of Secrets 2019
Rob Bentele had to beat out Laetitia, Durao and Nicole, to match home with a number of prizes including R1-million and a R10,000 voucher from Cape Union Mart.

Lets Know Little Bit More About Rob From South Africa | Survivor South Africa Winner

Full Name:
Richards Bay Robert Bentele
Age: 28
Occupation: Events Videographer

Rob Bentele Profile

Richards Bay Robert Bentele is the drop-dead gorgeous exotic Trevor Noah lookalike on the show.

His dad is Austrian and his mother is Zulu. And even though he grewup mainly in the Zulu culture, he embraces and celebrates his unique identity.

He has been a bodybuilder and MMA fighter and has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, but for him "everything is about the energy".

He is into Zen, meditation, peace, balance and spiritual enlightenment.

Before he outwits, outplays and outlasts, his game strategy is to out charm his teammates and rivals alike. "I'm a chameleon, I can be anything you want me to be," Robert says.

But is it possible to stay this cool and collected while others are aiming daggers at your back?