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#RIPNkokheli Trends On Twitter, Is Nkokheli Really Dead?


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South Africa - There is this hashtag already buzzing on Twitter, it has it that a Nkokheli assumed to be a South African name is dead, it is alledged the the person was bullied which triggered to his death. see more tweets below.

According to a tweet posted by a user says "The problem is that people don't think cyber bullying is bullying because there is no physical pain inflicted on someone's body... Then they're all shocked and in "mourning" when a dude commits suicide because they considered their bullying as a joke.. You'll learn #RIPNkokheli"

"I find it weird that people have to ask “ who is he, what was he famous for? “. You don’t have to only show sympathy for people you know / who are famous. #RIPNkokheli"

"When you are suffering from depression, seek help. But don’t seek help on social media. Social media isn’t real. No one will save you here. You need to get help in the actual world because you have problems that won’t be solved with a twitter thread. "

See Peoples Reaction On Social Media Below

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