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Meet Volker Bassen, The Swedish National Who Volunteered To Locate Likoni Ferry Car In 15 Minutes


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A Swedish man by name Vollker Bassen has agreed and volunteered himself to locate the missing Likoni Ferry car that plunged into the Indian Ocean on Sunday with two persons inside it.

Volker Bassen from the East African Whale Shark Trust, in the past.png

Although the search and recovery for the car wreckage was called off Tuesday, until Wednesday but Mr Volker Bassen has agreed to venture into searching for the car.
The exercise was being undertaken by divers under the multi-agency team of the Kenya Ferry Services, the Kenya Navy and other volunteers out to retrieve bodies of a mother and her daughter who are thought to have died after the Sunday incident.

The mother and daughter drowned last Sunday after their vehicle plunged into the Indian Ocean after sliding from a ferry.

He claimed that he had enough equipment and expertise to locate the sunken vehicle within 15 minutes and get it out of water in 2 hours once he had pinpointed the exact location.

Bassen, who is also the CEO of East Africa Whale-Shark Trust, further said that it was not the first time he was working with the Kenya Navy on a rescue mission.

He first arrived in Kenya from Sweden more than a decade ago and has to date established several diving training schools in the country.