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Meet Alexandra Mack, She Is Trevor Noah's new girlfriend


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Who Is Trevor Noah's new girlfriend

They've been dating for months now. He moves on quickly, it's about a year he broke up with his ex jordyn Taylor, which means he waited 6-9 months, since he's been with her for at least 3months. He did the same thing with the girl before her his south African ex. Both she & jordyn were mixed brunettes. His latest is blonde Caucasian. It's rumored they've moved in together.


They travel together regularly. She accompanied him & his friends for their annual friendcation. She's natural not plastic & serious about her job, but obviously a bit younger than him. Her Instagram is like her diary.

They don't follow each other probably due to privacy but It's like he's hiding her. What's funny is that he's known to date mixed or white women but talks a lot about black empowerment & racism. Though i like him, i would like to see him with a black woman. He also said he's not ready to settle down so i don't see this one lasting. Most of his friends follow her, except zintathu(anele) but she follows his ex lol she's a character & sizwedhlomo but both are on good terms with her. This is my first thread so please don't bite lol.


Few years back Travor was married to an auto show model Jordyn Taylor, 24 which the union eventually crashed - read below the story
The 31-year-old Daily Show host was heartbroken when he made the permanent move from South Africa to New York at the beginning of 2015, leaving behind 28-year-old physiotherapist Dani Gabriel.

But his solitude didn't last long - as it transpires he is has been dating auto show model Jordyn Taylor, 24, for at least five months.

The couple have shared an apartment in Manhattan's Upper West Side since Taylor moved from the West Coast in September, according to Us Weekly.

And in July, Noah even took LA-born Taylor to meet his family in Johannesburg, South Africa.

New couple: Daily Show host Trevor Noah, 31, (left) is dating and living with model Jordyn Taylor, 24 (right)

Despite keeping their relationship low profile, Taylor and Noah are active on social media, regularly mentioning one another on their public Twitter feeds.

Earlier this month, Taylor tweeted a picture of Noah on the Daily Show set with Jack Black, with the tongue-in-cheek caption: 'Man crush everyday. Oh, and @Trevornoah'

On the day Noah made his debut as host, Taylor tweeted a picture of his face on a bus, writing: 'Tonight’s the night! Tune in'.

In July, both Taylor and Noah posted pictures on Instagram of cheetahs in the same South African safari park - though didn't mention who they were with.

Taylor, who works as a model for Ram, started her career as a singer and enjoyed relative success during her teenage years.

Growing up in Riverside, California, with her firefighter father, mother, and two brothers, she took part in numerous singing competitions and signed to a record firm at 15.

She soon soared to the top of the MySpace charts, and had a song featured in the Lindsay Lohan movie Confessions Of A Shopaholic. Her first album, titled Jordyn Taylor, is a searing emotional account about the death of her sweetheart, who was killed in a car accident in 2011.


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