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Lesbian Friends Nola And Partner Wedding Pictures Sparks Outrage On Twitter


Best Of The Best
Lesbian partners who recently got married has gone viral viral on popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter. Lesbian partners getting married is not a new tradition going on in the world; but this couple has sparked outrage on the social networking platform for obvious reasons.

Photos of which was shared online on Sunday, September 29, sighted on Twitter on Tuesday, October 1st, shows that the couple are of different religion, a Christian and a Muslim. In some of the wedding photos shared on social media by a lady simply identified as Nola, one of the partners is seen wearing Hijab. This has made many Muslims on the micro-blogging platform to rain fire at one of the partners who happens to be a Muslim.

This is obviously because it is a very rare thing to see a Muslim lady being a lesbian. Many who happens to be one will obviously have to dump her religion or force herself to marry a man. Sharing the photos, Nola wrote; “A Muslim and a Christian who say yes �️‍����� progress.” “They have the right to be happy regardless of their religion and sexual orientation in 2019 you are still like that what tragedy,” she added.

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