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Killer Kau Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth - Wikipedia


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How Old Is Killer Kau? Killer Kau Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth - Wikipedia

Sakhile Hlatshwayo popularly known by his stage name as Killer Kau is a musician and dancer known for his single called tholukuthi based in soweto South Africa.

Real Name: Sakhile Hlatshwayo
Stage Name: Killer Kau
Career: Producer, Singer and Danger
Country: South Africa
Girlfriend: ****
Net Worth: *****
Age: 22yrs

Killer Kau Biography, Profile, Wikipedia, Age, Girlfriend, Cars - Things You Need To Know

1. His real name is Sakhile Hlatshwayo, Killer Kau is just a stage name.
2. Sakhile is a Grade 11 learner at Lavela Secondary School in Zola.
3. He sings baritone in the Stay PC Church Choir and African Heavenly Soul Singers male choir.
4. Kau recorded a video and uploaded it on Twitter; in the video Killer is singing “Thol’uthi hey to a beat. The video just went viral.
5. His song was produced by renowned DJ Euphonik. The DJ also brought in Mbali Sikwane, who covered the song and shared the video on Facebook.
6. On the 12th of August Euphonik staged a concert in celebration of the new talent at the Icon Soweto venue. The two have since become household names.
7. Killer is making the most of the song as he is now selling clothing merchandise branded the hit track. Talk about a smart move.
8. Although he achieved overnight success with this track, his dream is to study law so that he could one day be a judge.
9. In his words, “A song produced in 24hrs, then hosts a concert at #Zone6Venue 7 days later and becomes a success! God is Great!“
10. Hlatshwayo will make his first career appearance as Killer Kau at the Spring Jump Off 17 festival. This is an event organized by Vetkuk vs Mahoota.
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