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Is Puglia on the Amalfi Coast?


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Is Puglia on the Amalfi Coast?


The Amalfi coast in southwest Italy is famous for Sorrento on the Bay of Naples. Rugged mountains, fiery volcanoes and glittering coastal grottoes wait to be explored. Reliable sunshine makes the relatively new region of Puglia high on the wish list of our travellers, with the unique converted Masserias (ancient farmhouses) offering relaxing holidays amongst olive groves and orchards.

In the south-west of Italy, you will find the ‘Amalfi Coast’, a truly spectacular stretch of coastline and arguably one of Italy’s most scenic areas. From Sorrento, explore the surrounding area including a boat trip to Capri with a chair lift to the summit of Monte Solaro where there are spectacular views of the Bays of Naples and Salerno. The highlight of a boat trip is passing through the arch in the dramatic Faraglioni rock formations. Why not use Sorrento as your base to take a train excursion to Pompeii.



Puglia is a delightful part of the country which is far less-known or explored, and round every corner are hidden treasures to be found. The region is bursting with utterly charming towns that have remained virtually intact for centuries. Using Fasano as your base, visit Alberobello, a small town made a UNESCO World Heritage site for its unusual districts of trulli, the characteristic white-washed conical-roofed houses of the area. and Martina Franca, a picturesque town of winding alleys, blinding white houses and blood-red geraniums.

It is certainly easier to get around by car in Puglia. Most people absolutely advise against having a car along the Amalfi coast in September.

In addition, it is not easy to get to Pompei and its related sights or Naples if you pick a town on the Amalfi coast to stay.

Some people would think you are "totally re-miss" not to see the most famous tourist spots, but it all depends on what kind of experience of Italy you want to have.

You have lots of time to keep reading about these places.

By the way, just as an aside, Tuscany is a very large region with quite a variety of experiences, including a beautiful coastal area that not many tourists visit, and islands as well. Making choices in Italy is on the one hand never easy, but on the other hand, Italy is overflowing with beautiful destinations. I would really forget about what other people like to do and figure out what you want to take home with you as an experience of Italy. There is visual beauty everywhere, and the Dolomiti is the most spectacular of all, and you've already got that in your plans.
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