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I Feel Depressed With A CGPA Of 4.2+, What Do I do now


Best Of The Best
Just about yesterday after speaking with my Class advicer, I was left in a depressed state.

I am currently on my 400level IT and I am to return back to school this coming new year by January. He told me about my result. He said my CGPA is the highest so far. Which makes me his best student. I asked him for the exact CGPA which he replied with with a *4.06*. My God I wondered why he was glad to break such a sad news to me. I thought I had chances of making it a 4.1+ the previous semester. I told him thanks. But I know I wasn't Happy.

I did the maths...and I found out that the highest CGPA I can make is 4.2+ after my final year(2 semesters left) I feel terrible right now. How can I shift it to 4.3+ Cgpa? I have heard of students borrowing courses but I don't really know if this could be one of their reasons for doing such.

NB: I am not in anyway trying to make it look like having such a CGPA is bad or I am ungrateful. It's just that I have plans of applying for scholarships to study abroad but won't such a Gp hinder me?

Pls I need someone to placate me with motivational words. I feel like a looser. After all these years of studies! What if I loose the passion for school or studies after returning next year? I feel real bad.

What if I might even loose the chance of being the best graduating student of my set like my class adviser had said