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How can i prepare a Statement of Charges” (SOC) for a lost military weapon


Best Of The Best
In the U.S Army, one method of recovering the cost of lost or damaged equipment is to prepare a “Statement of Charges” (SOC) and collect the value of the item directly from the soldier’s pay.

The document is completed by a clerk, approved by the commander, processed through the appropriate channels until it arrives at the finance office.

While serving as a unit armorer with the 101st Airborne Division in 1983 I noticed one such SOC in a frame on the wall of the Arms Room.

The previous armorer had apparently lost one round of 5.56 ammunition somehow and was required to reimburse the Army for the lost property.

He displayed the SOC not only as reminder to always maintain accountability of all assigned equipment, but also to demonstrate the Army’s efficiency and cost-benefit analysis philosophy.

Multiple people and several transactions were involved in the processing of that SOC in order to recover approximately 11 cents.

Well, at least all the i’s were dotted and the t’s were crossed and the responsible party was held accountable.