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Henry Mutinda King’ola, The First Kenya To Undergo Brain Surgery Dies


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Kenya News - Henry Mutinda King’ola, 58 dies after undergoing a brain surgery in Machakos Level 5 Hospital in Kenya.

Brain Surgery In Kenya.jpg

The young man according to his wife Mary Mbinya who said her husband died after seriously complaining of heaviness and vomiting two months after the landmark surgery.

“He had improved. The wounds were healing and he could walk and talk but he has rested,” said Mbinya.

According to reports, doctors had noticed a historical weakness on the right side of King’ola’s body as well as a swelling on the front side.

Reports went on to reveal that an MRI scan conducted on the patient showed that he was ailing from a condition known as Glioblastoma multiformed.

The tragic news come barely three months after neurosurgeons at the Machakos health facility made headlines after successfully removing a brain tumour on the deceased in a historic three-hour surgery.