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Give 5 examples of underdeveloped technology


Best Of The Best
The insurance industry, hospitals, food industry, pharma industry (gang of four) all gain from diseased person, than a healthy person.

There are so many cures lying around, but these gang of four have always made it harder for a common man to follow the cure. They come up with conflicting sponsored researches - the aim of which is to have people in a confused state all the time, so they go to the agent (doctor) of this gang of four for every stupid thing and get started with the money drain process.

I am speaking from my own personal experience of a problem with high cholesterol. Doctors told me to start with blood thinner. Once on that medication, it is harder for the body to go back to normalcy, since it starts depending on the outside agent for the work which was once the sole work of the body itself.

I rejected the doctor’s advise, and in 3 months, with some home remedies, my cholesterol and triglyceride was normal. I can send you my reports if you are interested :)

We are not researching on simple healthcare remedies - in terms of what not to eat, what to avoid, importance of exertion and sleep, body’s clock cycle etc. Healthcare, as the industry wants it promoted, has been limited to just what medicines to eat!

  • Inefficient Education
    • Nowadays, the spread of knowledge actually depends on the ancient method of "reading books and going to school." It takes more than ten or twenty years at school. We waste our precious youth on cram up and rote rather than dating and working. Human beings living under advanced tech ought to download knowledge from the school server directly into their brains. So when we sleep, our heads are connected to the server writing it into our minds 8 hours every time. In those days, the school will transform into a place of "practice and innovation": save the "time of mechanical memorizing" to create and invent, and leave the "time of memorizing formula" to "explore mathematics problems."
  • Do office work centrally
    • The office buildings in big cities have a large group of white-collar workers "go to work collectively," which consumes countless round-trip "commuting costs" every day. This is still the most efficient way of working in teams, even Facebook and Google employees need to do so.
  • Academic: Most disciplines do not establish first principles
    • Learning psychology like a pastor, learning the economy like a fortune teller, they rely on upon make some wild guess, propose some mode. If you guess wrong, you need overthrow and rebuild it. Many things that lack first principles have gone so far as to form a discipline.
  • unsatisfactory Porn
    • The nerd who wants to fall in love cannot "spiritually love" or "satisfied with his sexual desire" through a virtual girlfriend.
  • Sanitary
    • There are still cockroaches in the kitchen, mice in the dining room, flies in the living room, and blood-sucking mosquitoes in the bedroom... they have not been eliminated.
  • Health
    • Give up smoking or dieting in a scientific way... its first factor unexpectedly depends on "our willpower."
  • IT
    • Mobile phones are still using cellular communications, and satellite communications are not widespread.
    • “Your computer failed to connect to the network. Please get the solution online.”
    • "Unable to connect to the mobile network, only emergency calls can be used."
    • "Load failed, please try again."
    • "Windows does not recognize this file. Please select the open method."
    • "There is only 3 percent of electricity left. Please save the data in time."
    • "The phone memory is full, and some features may not be available."
  • AI is still stupid.
    • "Sorry, please contact artificial customer service for this issue."
    • "Sorry, I don't know what you are talking about."
    • "Is your positioning accurate?"
    • "Please help us confirm that this is your own operation."
    • We unexpectedly have to pass the "Verification Code" to prove that we are a human being.