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Controversial dancer, Zodwa Wabantu wrapped her entire body in cling plastic film while receiving body treatment (Pictures)


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Cape Town - Controvertial South African dancer know popularly for going pantless now In her search to look younger and have a radiant-looking skin has wrapped her entire body in cling plastic film.

Other bizarre beauty treatments the controversial dancer has tried to include a vampire facial, vaginal rejuvenation, and having her cellulite "ironed out."

The local entertainer explained the entire process to her 870 000 Instagram followers.

The first step in the Body Glow Wrap treatment entails being brushed with a serum, or liquid before being wrapped in the cling wrap-like plastic film.

The treatment practitioner tells Zodwa that the method originated in Europe and gives the skin a "varnished" look.
He adds that if she doesn't glow in her mini-skirt that evening, he'll pick up the drinks bill! Not only is her body wrapped, but her face too!

After her entire body is wrapped-up, the practitioner explains that the Body Wrap Glow rejuvenates the skin by hydrating and gently exfoliating the it.


Zodwa Wabantu  wrapped her entire body in cling plastic film.jpg


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Jonga lo mfazi mdala, inokuba ucinga ukuba imiboniso yakhe yobudenge eqhelekileyo iya kumnceda, Zodwa is just sick