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Are You A Nigerian, What Are The Advantages Of Getting A Lagos Registered Vehicle Plate Number?


Best Of The Best
I'm getting my first vehicle soon God willing and want to know if there are certain privileges one stand to enjoin if a vehicle is registered in a particular state especially Lagos.

May be you don't know there advantages attached to having a Lagos car plate number as a Nigerian maybe living Lagos or outside the state, below is an outlined reasons you should get one for yourself.

Below Are The Reasons You Will Need One

1. It’s the second hand value advantage and Lagos command respect. Many people prefer Lagos numbers because it boost how people see them when they travel to their places eg the Igbos . When they go home for Xmas they’ll rather travel to the village with a Lagos number than travel to the village with a plate number from eg Bornu or Ondo .

2. Also when people see your plate number they 50% of the time assume that’s where you come from. So if you drive an ekiti plate number in Lagos people will assume you are from ekiti state etc. So if you’re to sell you will struggle to sell with ekiti number as many people don’t like to change plate number.

3. Also security. Imagine am trailing or watching your movement, I can tell someone stay here and watch out for a white Toyota with Enugu plate number . That’s pretty easy to get you. But if I say watch out for a Toyota with Lagos number, the person go watch out tire as there are thousands of Toyota with Lagos number.

4. Lagos police most of the time will harass or bully you if from your number they know you’re not from Lagos. They assume Lagos people are smarter and crooks. But from your Ebonyi number they think you don’t know a lot.